The team of advanced illness experts at Heritage have a heart for the work they do and would love to help in supporting your staff and families. Together, our staff has over 40 years of hospice experience!

All these years of experience mean they know what works in hospice and what doesn’t. They also know how to most efficiently help you and your staff with the patients who need the most care.

The Hospice Heart …

Often the reaction to the word “hospice” is one of sympathy and discomfort. It is a challenge to explain that having the opportunity to support patients and loved ones at a difficult time in life’s journey could have no greater reward. Being immersed in a culture of service and commitment to not only to those for whom we provide care but to each other is a privilege and creates a satisfaction not often encountered. The members of Heritage Hospice have a sincerity and devotion found only in those with the “hospice heart”.



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  • Dr. Patricia English
    Medical Director
  • Robin
  • Stacey
  • Rich
  • Mandy
  • Lisa
  • Audrey

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Our team of advanced illness experts provide an elevated dedication to every patient's care, taking into account his or her changing physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our ultimate goal is to support both our patients and their loved ones while honoring their wishes and ensuring comfort. We achieve this goal by utilizing our extensive experience in end-of-life care and finding creative solutions to any complication that may arise.

Care is provided wherever a patient resides in our territory of greater Indianapolis.

Anyone who has a life limiting illness may be appropriate. A prognosis of 6 months or less is Medicare's guideline, but that does not mean a patient won't live longer.

Medicare pays 100% of hospice care. Our staff verifies all other insurances for what coverage is available.

Patients are continuously assessed for their condition. Our staff monitor for change and will adjust the frequency of visits made by various team members to assure a high level of care and support.

It's always the patient's choice to return to treatment. Hospice care is discontinued and resumed if needed.

Our phones are answered around the clock and staff are available 24/7.

Let us show you the Heritage Hospice difference.

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